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News&Notes : 2017


A new stage for the typographic design company

Solo, the graphic design studio based in Barcelona was the one in charge of the full redesign of our website. At last but not least, we need to say that we are happy! Now they have shared the project at their own site and this is what they wrote about it:


It is not often you have the opportunity to carry out a design project that you are also the main recipient of.

The designer's essential tool —besides the idea— is the typeface, which works as an essential means of communication, facilitating understanding of the project and conveying its content to the public. 

Type–Ø–Tones is an independent typographic design company created in 1990 by Josema Urós, Enric Jardí, Laura Meseguer and Joan Barjau. Over recent years, we have been able to see how this project is reaching a full state of maturity, combining the initial nature of the display typeface and digital experimentation with more complex and polished font families, families for reading newspapers, magazines and brand names.

The new website and online shop of the design company clearly shows this evolution of the Type–Ø–Tones project; the relaxed use of colour, the graphic simplification —without losing the original essence— the expressiveness of the letters and the combination of typeface with illustration leads to an intuitive platform that can be browsed both vertically and in landscape, and which prioritises font display.

Both the process for testing these fonts and the checkout procedure have been devised for graphic designers, the main endorsers of typography workshops, and are presented as a visual and colouristic set that supports all Type–Ø–Tones collections.