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Type-Ø-Tones' typefaces at the Adobe Typekit Marketplace

In conjunction with its annual Adobe MAX conference, Adobe today announced the debut of the Adobe Typekit Marketplace. This radical expansion of the Typekit cloud-based font service allows end users to license and pay for individual typefaces, moving beyond the subscription model. The Marketplace introduces a diverse group of type foundries and exceptional typefaces to graphic designers on a massive scale. Type Network has signed on as a launch partner in the new venture. And as we are partners of TypeNework, some of our typefaces are there too

If you want to read about this event in deep, we highly recommend you to explore these links

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«Multi no es una sans-serif al uso»

Cercana, humana y novedosa. Así es Multi, la última tipografía de Laura Meseguer. Hablamos con ella para saber cómo nació y se desarrolló esta sans-serif tan particular.

La necesidad de rediseñar unos periódicos holandeses de carácter semanal y regional fue la oportunidad perfecta para desarrollar Multi, la última tipografía de Laura Meseguer. «El grupo editorial de estos periódicos holandeses encargó el rediseño a una agencia de periodismo que, a su vez, contactó con Luis Mendo, director de arte y diseñador de revistas y periódicos en Ámsterdam», nos cuenta su creadora. «Fue él quien me llamó para encargarme la tipografía que tendría que formar parte de ese rediseño», señala. Podéis leer la entrevista entera aquí


7º Encontro de Tipografia.

The 7th edition of the Typography Meeting is a conference hosted by CIAUD – Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design, based at the Faculty of Architecture (University of Lisbon). “Rhythmus” is the general theme of this edition– term that we can associate to measure, order, proportion or simply to what flows or moves.


They challenge the typographic community – designers, researchers, teachers and students – to share projects, research and reflexions. They hope that this background subject will encourage the dissemination, reflection and debate in the various areas in which typography works: type design, editorial design, printed typography, multimedia typography, typography associated to products and typography in architectural spaces.


Laura Meseguer has been been invited to participate as a keynote speaker together with Marina Chaccur, Jorge Silva, Manuel Sesma and Mario Feliciano.


25–26 November. Lisbon, Portugal


Blanc Versus

El festival Blanc siempre organiza un pre-Blanc y este año lo hace de una manera novedosa: el Blanc Versus. Dos equipos seleccionados por dos profesionales del sector del diseño gráfico y la ilustración. Óscar Germade y Juanjo Sáez serán los responsables de una amistosa competición donde cada uno presentará su propio equipo de ponentes.Un outsider, una promesa emergente y una figura con trayectoria en su ámbito profesional serán las características de cada uno de los tres ponentes seleccionados para cada equipo. El próximo 27 de Octubre Josema Urós, escogido por Óscar Germade, dará una charla en el #BlancVersus. Allí nos vemos!


Qandus, the result of the Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghreb Project (TMM3)

The ‘Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib’ consists in the 3rd edition of the multi-script typographic research project of the Khatt Foundation. The goals of the Typographic Matchmaking projects are to nurture cultural dialogue and help develop indigenous design skills. In this edition, a group of European (Dutch, Spanish, French) and Arab (Lebanese, Moroccan, Tunisian) designers researched and developed tri-script font families that combine Arabic (in the Maghribi Style), Tifinagh and Latin scripts harmoniously. Both the Maghribi and the Tifinagh scripts have not been fully explored in contemporary digital fonts, though they harbor a wealth of aesthetic variety and expressive potential.


Qandus Original is one of the three tri-script type families of the TMM3 project. This team was composed by Kristyan Sarkis (for the Arabic), Laura Meseguer (for the Latin) and Juan Luis Blanco (for the Tifinagh).

Qandus Original shown in the styles: Regular, Medium and Dark

The design of Qandus is inspired by the Maghribi style manuscripts by Shaykh Muhammad b. al-Qasim al-Qandusi, originally from Algeria, migrated to Fez, Morocco in 1828. Qandus Original consists of the design of three atypical weights related in a conceptual way: Regular, Medium and Dark—from written to drawn—as a mixture of solid and fluid estructure.
In his work al-Qandusi offered a total new world of forms and textures, a goal that we also tried to achieve when designing the three scripts to be able to work harmoniously. At the moment the Qandus Type System is composed by three fonts, but the system will be expanded till nine fonts. Stay tuned!

A sample of Qandus Original Dark in the three scripts: Arabic, Latin and Tifinagh