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News&Notes : 2016


7º Encontro de Tipografia.

The 7th edition of the Typography Meeting is a conference hosted by CIAUD – Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design, based at the Faculty of Architecture (University of Lisbon). “Rhythmus” is the general theme of this edition– term that we can associate to measure, order, proportion or simply to what flows or moves.


They challenge the typographic community – designers, researchers, teachers and students – to share projects, research and reflexions. They hope that this background subject will encourage the dissemination, reflection and debate in the various areas in which typography works: type design, editorial design, printed typography, multimedia typography, typography associated to products and typography in architectural spaces.


Laura Meseguer has been been invited to participate as a keynote speaker together with Marina Chaccur, Jorge Silva, Manuel Sesma and Mario Feliciano.


25–26 November. Lisbon, Portugal