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‘New Memimas for 2019’ by Josema Urós

It is January 2019 and we are publishing a new version of Memimas 28 years after its first public release. During this time, the font has gone through numerous updates, mostly technical implementations. With this new version, which is a major upgrade, we have incorporated new styles and features that expand the capabilities of expression and use of the fonts.


The design of the Memimas Italics is an obvious choice to expand a font family based on an upright script, which is to look for its 'natural' form, its cursive origins.
For this design, we decided to maintain a close relationship with the structure of the romans, introducing only small differentiating details in connections and loops and replacing some capital letters with more expressive forms, keeping the swashes to a minimum.

Ultra & Ultra Italic
For the Memimas Ultra, we had to completely redefine the height of x-height to get real sate to draw the lowercase, while adding modulation and rhythm elements.

New Contextual Alternates code by Joan Carles Casasín and Josema Urós