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Multi Display in use at the Rutschi AG website.
Rutschi AG is a company specialised in signage for advertising and architecture located in Zurich.
Programa de mano del séptimo congreso de tipografía de Valencia. Diseñado por Pablo Gámez, julio 2016.
Multi, the printed Specimen
Promotional Specimen by Laura Meseguer, 2016


Laura Meseguer


Actual version


Character sets
Basic Latin / Latin-1 Suplement / Latin-2 Central European / Latin Plus

License Types
Desktop, Webfont, ePub, App, Server


Multi was conceived as a custom type project for newspapers. It consists of two series: Text and Display. Multi Text presents a more rational approach, with an increased x-height, simplified contours, and adapted key glyphs to improve legibility in small sizes and on screen. Multi Display has a lovely calligraphic quality. The strokes are slightly curved, with endings that are delicately flared, featuring notches reminiscent of pen strokes. With weights ranging from the svelte Thin to the puissant Poster, Multi can be both a gentle whisper or a commanding baritone. 

Production: Joancarles Casasín and Noe Blanco

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Multi Minisite

Prizes & Mentions

Favourite typefaces of 2016 at Typographica

Reviewed by Yves Peters

Display, Display & Text, Editorial Design, On Screen, Optical sizes, Sans Serif, Text