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Kids&Us website. DINosaur Light, Regular and medium in use.
DINosaur, Postcards Collection
Promotional Postcards by Óscar Germade and Josema Urós, 2016
Stationery for Sinevibes
Corporate graphics applications for Sinevibes. Design by Artemiy Pavlov, 2019
Childrens book collection ‘La cereza’
Published by Combel Editorial, Barcelona, 2015. Design by Enric Jardí
One line alphabet
Published by gràffica, Valencia, 2016. Design by Enric Jardí

Proofing DINosaur at Neue, 2013 [we had a plotter back then!]


José Manuel Urós


Actual version
1.5 (2019)


Character sets
Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement
Latin-2 Central European

License Types
Desktop, Webfont, ePub, App, Server


DINosaur can be considered, from a not too orthodox perspective, as a ‘revival’, since the original font –which corresponds to the Bold weight on the final version– is extracted from a technical calligraphy manual for industrial lettering.

The references used to create the system were based on capturing objects annexes to the original on a time travel where industrial labelling was mainly handwriting, freehand drawn or using rules perforated with stencilled alphabets.

DINosaur extreme roundness is not an ornamental fact, but the effect of tracers or rottrings wanting to generate mechanical forms.

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