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by José Manuel Urós
  • Solida Ten
  • 15.00
  • Solida Ten
  • 15.00
Solida as a rock!
The copy warned the Little Blind Text, that where it came from it would have been rewritten a thousand times and everything that was left from its origin would be the word “and” and the Little Blind Text should turn around and return to its own, safe country. But nothing the copy said could convince her and so it didn’t take long until a few insidious Copy Writers ambushed her, made her drunk with Longe and Parole and dragged her into their agency, where they abused her for their projects again and again. And if she hasn’t been rewritten, then they are still using her.Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

Solida: Special Buying options

José Manuel Urós


Actual version
2 (2010)


Character sets
Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement

License Types
Desktop, Webfont, ePub, App, Server


Solida, as its name suggests has a total lacking of ornamental and rethorical shapes. Pure squares, unicase character set and simple architecture.

Solida Ten was designed for alignment of 10 points on 72 dpi screens.

On Screen, Pixel, Sans Serif, Text