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Naramza Jams. Artisanal Jams from Bucarest |
Packaging for Naramza Jams | Designed by hye studio
Dansaneu. Festival de cultures del Pirineu.
Branding project incluiding print and website design. Designed by Toormix.
The Kids Room by Villarvera Design
The Kids Room is an interior design studio in Barcelona specialized in designing spaces for children.
"Misfits. A Personal Manifesto"
Book cover for "Misfits. A Personal Manifesto" by Michaela Coel. Designed by Law Jacobs-Gordon. Published by Pinguin Books
Four artists
Promotional Postcards by Gerard Joan, 2020
Four letters
Promotional Postcards by Gerard Joan, 2020
Four songs
Promotional Postcards by Gerard Joan, 2020
Sisters Wall at "The Beautiful People Exhibition"
Installation designed by Laura Meseguer and Eider Corral. Photos: ©Marina Roca
Cuidem-nos / Care for each other
Poster for Fedrigoni Papers. Designed by Laura Meseguer and Clara Sancho
Toni Miserachs / Mestra del Blanc! 2020
Poster for the homage to Toni Miserachs. Designed by Laura Meseguer. Produced by I am Nuria
Happy 2021
2021 Card. Designed by Laura Meseguer
Floor Koop
Floor Koop is a freelance illustrator, editorial designer and teacher. She loves Sisters and uses it for her market stands :)


Laura Meseguer


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Sisters is a lively set of stencil display typefaces designed by Type-Ø-Tones’ co-founder Laura Meseguer. The family features four fresh fonts that share foundational principles of construction yet complement each other—as sisters do—by celebrating their differences. Variations in contrast, weight, and design characteristics result in four distinct styles dubbed One through Four. This cool quartet contains no lowercase, asserting the family’s rightful place in the titling typography space.

Like many Type-Ø-Tones typefaces, Sisters was conceived as a custom lettering project—in this case, the design was crafted for the identity of an art exhibition. Laura initially drew only the limited character set the show required, but from the outset, she saw great potential for a fully developed type family based on her lettering concept.

The first member of Laura’s new family was, naturally, Sisters One. She later added contrast to produce Sisters Two, then equalized the weight of Sisters Two to create Sisters Three. To round out the group, Laura added a deco touch to Sisters Two, resulting in the festive but retro-elegant Sisters Four. Each Sister shares DNA with the other members of the family, just as human siblings do :).

Credit for the Sisters name goes to Eider Corral  and we couldn’t imagine a more fitting moniker for this little family. The spirited graphics on display in the Sisters “in use” section were designed by Gerard Joan, and the text is by Tamye Riggs. All excellent designers and dear friends of Type-Ø-Tones. Together, we have created Sisters as an homage to all the creative women in this world. Thanks, Eider, Gerard and Tamye!

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Sans Serif, Display, Stencil, Editorial Design, Identity Design, Kids