Lalola, Postcards Collection
Promotional Postcards by Laura Meseguer, 2016
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Laura Meseguer


Actual version
2 (2013)


Character sets
Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement
Latin-2 Central European

License Types
Desktop, Webfont, ePub, App, Server


Lalola (first released as Lola in 1997) is a display typeface inspired by a lettering model found in the book Schriftschreiben Schriftzeichnen by Eugen Nerdinger and Lisa Beck. Lalola takes the few letters available from that model, as a starting point and becomes a single style typeface with strong character. Lalola looks great when some upper case and loud voice words are needed. It comes with all the necessary characters for the languages based on the Latin alphabet, which makes Lalola a versatile typeface.

Prizes & Mentions:

TDC Certificate of Excellence 2013


“Best Fonts of 2013” at Typefacts

Display, Sans Serif