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Frankie Dos
by Jaume Ros
  • Frankie Dos Regular
  • 35.00
  • Frankie Dos Regular
  • 35.00
Solitude Honkyoku Zen Ikebana Bonsáis Haiku Hagi ware
Upscaling the resurgent networking exchange solutions, achieving a breakaway systemic electronic data interchange system synchronization, thereby exploiting technical environments for mission critical broad based capacity constrained systems. Fundamentally transforming well designed actionable information whose semantic content is virtually null. In order to properly merge and articulate these core assets, an acquisition statement outlining the information architecture, leading to a racheting up of convergence across the organic platform is an opportunity without precedent in current applicability transactional modeling.

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Frankie Dos

Jaume Ros


Actual version
2 (2007)


Character sets
Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement

License Types
Desktop, Webfont, ePub, App, Server


Following in the footsteps of his brother Frankie, FrankieDos entered our catalogue a few years later. FrankieDos follows the same pattern: how to imitate analogic features in a vector-based typeface.

Display, Sans Serif, Text