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Memimas Pro
by José Manuel Urós

Promotional Postcards by Type-Ø-Tones, 2008-2018
Barnmastsboken, “A baby book”
Published by Semper AB, Sweden, 2005. Design by Forsman & Bodenfors
Christmas greeting card
Published by Editorial Herder, Barcelona, 2013. Design by Javier Gil
Cuadernos Rubio
Published by Rubio, Valencia, 2010-2011
Maccheroni Martelli
Pisa, c. 2005
Escola Muuu
Barcelona, 2007
Childrens book collection ‘La Galera 50’
Published by La Galera SAU Editorial, Barcelona, 2013. Design by Estudi Claris
Tres de Set, Polzet
Published by Barcanova, Barcelona, 1992-1995. Design by Eulàlia Salcedo & Enric Satué
Al agua patos, a children's clothing store
Sarrià, Barcelona, 2016. Photo by Joan Barjau

Memimas Pro

José Manuel Urós


Actual version
4.5 (2018)


Character sets
Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement
Alternate Caps

License Types
Desktop, Webfont, ePub, App, Server


This is the font with which we all learned to read and write. We know that it stirs much affection because it reminds everybody of their primary school days, and most of you will find it has a self-explanatory name*. Its shape is engraved on all our minds as if on stone.MeMimas was the first typeface to be commissioned to Type-Ø-Tones. In 1991,the Barcelona-based publishing house, Barcanova, needed a digital version of this typeface to use it for its children’s books. We came up with a structure –a skeleton– which evolves into four weights, and has a set of links between characters which is peculiar to script fonts. The actual version has been named Pro as we reunited in single weights both Alternate Caps, ligatures and a number of useful OpenType features, designed and programmed by Josema Urós and Joan Carles Casasín. In version 4.5 we introduced the Italic versions -in fact, the ‘natural’ forms of a Upright Roman– and Ultra, with an altered x-height for display applications.



‘New Memimas for 2019’ by Josema Urós

Display & Text, Kids, Sans Serif, Script