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by Luis Mendo
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Architectural Interiors Fundamental Monolinear Panorámicas
Dynamic demand forecasting indicates that a mainstream approach may establish a basis for leading-edge information processing to insure the diversity of granularity in encompassing expansion of content provided within the multimedia framework under examination. Empowerment in information design literacy demands the immediate and complete disregard of the entire contents of this cyberspace communication. To more fully clarify the current exchange, a few aggregate issues will require addressing to facilitate this distributed communication venue.

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Luis Mendo


Actual version
2 (2010)


Character sets
Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement

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Desktop, Webfont, ePub, App, Server


Design or Die is the design of Luis Mendo and its name refers to the main passion of its author. Luis is a globetrotter who has developed his career in Spain, Holland and Japan, always accompanied by tools for drawing at any time, anywhere. We were tempted to change its name to ‘Draw Or Die!’ in view of its current interests.

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