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Multi selected as one of the Typographica's favourite typefaces of 2016
Great news arrived. Today we got the news that Laura's typeface family Multi has been selected and reviewed by Yves Peters as one of the "Our Favourite Typefaces of 2016" for Typographica. 
The design of Magasin
I’ve always been fascinated by typefaces based on fluid handwriting, and as an amateur calligrapher of copperplate, I decided to design a display font based on this experience. 
«Multi no es una sans-serif al uso»
«Multi no es una sans-serif al uso» es el título del artículo publicado hoy en @graffica_info, y que es un extracto de la entrevista en la que Laura Meseguer habla de su familia tipográfica Multi. 
7º Encontro de Tipografia.
Laura Meseguer has been been invited to participate as a keynote speaker together with Marina Chaccur, Jorge Silva, Manuel Sesma and Mario Feliciano at the 7º Encontro de Tipografia. 25-26 November, Lisbon.
Qandus, the result of the Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghreb Project (TMM3)
Along the last year, Laura Meseguer has been part of the ‘Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib’, project. Now, finally, you can see the results.
Custom Work (3)
The Design of Multi
Multi is Laura Meseguer's extensive typeface family. The process of design started as a custom work, developed later and released now as an extended and versatile system for print and screen. It was originally commissioned by the publisher of Dutch regional newspapers in 2011.
Custom type for the titles of the documentary ‘Barcelona. The Rose of Fire’.
This project was done in collaboration with Mariona Omedes from Nueve Ojos, produced by Media Pro and directed by Manuel Huerga. 
Logo for the redesigned Dutch newspaper 'Het Parool'
Laura Meseguer was asked to design the masthead and logo for the redesigned Dutch newspaper 'Het Parool'.